College Starfish
Scholar Bash

Design Research Project

CSSB was a semester long multi component research project. It started as a group project so we collectively did a research session with the Starfish Initiative organization. They help students graduate from middle school to college by pairing them with mentors. We also did a lot of background research into the education system, to get an idea of problems happening on a larger scale.  We put together a presentation to convey the problems we identified as evidence to support our solution. We each had our own theories and solutions. The main problem I identified is that there was no real support for their college level scholars. It is part of their mission to help students from middle school on through college. They do have a 100% success rate for high school students but it seemed that once students got into college they were on their own. So I proposed an event that allows the organization to show support for their college students after every semester without having to add another program. The purpose of the event is to simply allow the student to have fun after another successful semester on their journey. They can  relax, have fun, connect, win prizes, and eat good food. I designed a brand for the event and several pieces of collateral including a video booth that would allow students to record a video diary reflecting on the last semester. The Starfish Initiative could then use those videos to tell their story.